Actsoft connects with Geotab, adding new solution to Geotab Marketplace

Industry leaders Actsoft, Inc. and Geotab recently announced a new collaboration to include Actsoft’s flagship solution, Encore, on the Geotab Marketplace, an extensive online solution center for managing mobile assets and workers. Encore, which is now available to over 40,000 Geotab customers, is designed to help organizations increase their efficiency, optimize productivity, and conserve resources.

The Encore business solution collects and reports relevant information about fleet vehicles, mobile staff, and assets back to a company’s headquarters, giving their managers tools to identify areas of inefficiency in routine operations. Leadership teams can then craft smarter, more effective strategies for increased revenue. Encore also better connects administrators to their dispersed employees by allowing them to digitally communicate and coordinate work assignments at will.

“Actsoft solutions are designed to make resource management simpler,” said Tom Mitchell, chief executive officer at Actsoft. “Our end-to-end software products connect ease of use and multifaceted integration capabilities for businesses, helping them gain maximum return on investment.”

Now that the Encore solution is available on the Geotab Marketplace, the potential is huge for the future of the company and the telematics industry at large.

“As a new Geotab Marketplace partner, this collaboration brings the best workforce management and telematics solutions together. It’s a powerful combination that is unmatched in the industry,” said Andrew Velker, Actsoft’s executive vice president of sales. “We are excited for what this will do for all of our existing customers, as well as its potential to drive new growth opportunities.”

Geotab is the world’s leading connected vehicle company for smart city and fleets, equipping over 1.7 million vehicles with its award-winning telematics technology worldwide. The Geotab Marketplace is host to over 200 partner solutions including hardware add-ons, software add-ins and mobile applications designed to increase productivity and efficiency as well as improve safety and fuel usage.

“With a high level of expertise in mobile resource management, we are excited to provide Geotab users with access to Actsoft’s Encore solution on the Geotab Marketplace” added Joey Marlow, Executive Vice President, U.S. Operations at Geotab. “By working with world-class Marketplace Partners, such as Actsoft, we are furthering our commitment to our customers to provide them with the tools needed to help them better manage their fleets.”